We help commercial finance companies elevate their

brand recognition

Foresight is the agency partner for the commercial finance industry. We immerse ourselves into your business and position you as a leader.
Seasoned Media Expertise
It's not just who you know, but where to go and when to show up. Our finance industry relationships, strategic placements, and social media expertise ensure effective communication.
Compelling Content
No matter how technical or basic the concept or solution, every word must count for each distinct audience. Our formula to break through? Make it simple, spark curiosity, and inspire action.
Savvy Communications Support
Knowledge isn't just power; it's essential for homogenous products and services. From commercial finance marketing and media buys to positioning and thought leadership, we reach and engage your audience.

visibility secured for our clients

strategies for Public Relations

Transform Your Marketing

Are you being seen and heard in the places your clients and prospects pay attention? More important, do they know you and how you can help them?

Whether you’re looking for a brand refresh, social media management, thought leadership strategies, or a fully integrated communication plan, we can help. 

At Foresight, we thrive on solving problems unique to commercial finance marketing. We dive deep, to learn what makes your company unique and tell its story in a memorable, meaningful style.
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Strategic Brand Positioning

Creating a competitive edge in the commercial finance market is challenging at best. We know what questions to ask, where to look for hidden gems, and how to empower and scale your brand.

tenured Public Relations

Effective targeting and media outreach in commercial finance may be a dubious charge for most agencies. At Foresight, it's our wheelhouse, and we love it.

With three decades of media experience and deep industry relationships, we navigate trade and traditional channels to deliver high impact and ongoing value.

Results-Driven Approach

While metrics certainly gauge results, successful outcomes require thoughtful planning and collaboration. From copy and design to media and project management, every player at Foresight begins with the end game in mind: driving measurable growth.

For a simpler path to successful marketing strategies, let our team of experts lead the way.
What To Expect

Crafting your bespoke strategy


lets talk

We help reveal your challenges and goals so we can identify the key areas where we can add value.
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review Recommendations

After diving deep into your specific needs and challenges, we'll review your current marketing strategies, and competitors, then begin developing a customized marketing plan.

Soon after you'll receive a detailed proposal outlining our recommended strategies, tactics, timelines, and pricing.
Initial Consultation
Needs Assessment
Customized Recommendations
Fine Tuning
60 mins

strategy implementation

With a clear roadmap of the initial stages of the project outlined, we'll lead you through onboarding and then begin executing the planned strategies.
Strategy executed successfully.
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Regional Banks

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commercial finance

We offer a wide range of services.

Public Relations & Media

Enhance your brand’s visibility and reputation with our expert public relations and media management services. We leverage strong media relationships to ensure your message reaches the right audience.
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Content Creation & Marketing

Engage your audience with compelling content that builds trust and drives conversions. Our team crafts high-quality blogs, articles, and multimedia content tailored to your brand’s voice.
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Social Media Management

Boost your online presence with our comprehensive social media management. From strategy to execution, we ensure your brand stays top-of-mind and engages effectively with your audience.
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Influencer Marketing

Leverage the power of the influential writers and publishers to amplify your brand's reach. We connect you with industry leaders who can authentically promote your products and services.
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Marketing COmmunications Strategy

Develop and implement comprehensive marketing communication strategies that align with your business goals. We ensure consistent and effective messaging across all channels.
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Branding & Creative Services

Transform your brand with our creative services. From visual identity to compelling design, we help you create a cohesive and memorable brand experience.
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Our commitment to the commercial finance industry. While other agencies work across different sectors, our deep specialization in one industry gives our clients a noticeable edge.


Years in business. We've been around a while. We've seen this industry mature and helped our clients succeed by always being future-focused.


Number of team members. We're a small but deeply experienced bunch of creative strategists. Working with us you'll get big ideas without the bloated cost of agency with too big an ego.
Client Feedback

At Foresight, we consistently over-deliver...
just ask our clients.

I got a call this morning from a prospect. He searched on Google and our blogs and articles popped up.  He checked them out and called me up.  Could lead to a nice opportunity.  Thank you for all of your efforts over the years.
Allan Levine
Madison Capital
I had the pleasure of working with Foresight on several thought leader videos for Key Equipment Finance and I highly recommend them. .
Colleen Daly-Tinkham
Strategic Marketing Leader
Wells, Maine, United States
We went looking for an agency that could help us get our foot in the door of the equipment finance industry. You don't have to look far to find glowing recommendations for Foresight. Within a year, we were a well-recognized brand with a reputation for innovation and disruption - and a slew of awards, articles and podcasts to back it up. They achieved well beyond our expectations for PR, but also became a support team for marketing strategy, social media, content creation and so much more.
Robin Salter

Working with us...

Marketing agencies make all kind of promises. At Foresight, we've produced three decades worth of results.

Other Agencies

  • Shallow, inexperienced marketers
  • Copy and pasted generic strategies
  • Generalist approach to solutions
  • Bloated overpaid team
  • Overpromise & underdeliver media opportunities


Billed Monthly, cancel anytime.
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  • 20 Unique Items
  • Unlimited Variations
  • Webhooks
  • Great Support


  • 35 years of proven success.
  • Deeply tailored, fully bespoke solutions
  • Commercial finance specialization
  • Seasoned team of experts
  • Well-connected with trade media & published

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Everything You Wanted to Know, But Haven’t Asked Yet

Our unparalleled understanding of the commercial finance and equipment leasing industries sets us apart, offering tailored strategies that truly resonate with your audience.
Yes, every strategy is custom-made to fit our clients' specific objectives and market dynamics.
We specialize in the commercial finance and equipment leasing industries, along with related financial sectors.
While immediate wins can be seen, true, sustainable growth is a journey we embark on together, typically observing significant results within 3-6 months.